Union & Utopia offers radical idealists a place for reflection, resilience, and rational analysis during these challenging times. It’s an enchanted refuge linking the past, present, and future of progressive politics.

You can be an idealistic revolutionary here.

Are you disheartened by the 24-hour-social-media-driven news cycle and the agenda setting by the establishment?

Union & Utopia is a space for us to have substantive and nuanced conversations about politics and social change. It’s a place to discuss how we can continue our work as part of an “unfinished revolution”: preserving ideals, keeping faith with the social movements that have transformed culture, and fighting for the just world we desire.

As an author of politically charged fiction, essays, and poetry, I create a world where reality and possibility meet. I hope you’ll join me here as we explore how to close the gap between the world as it is and as it could be.


Poetry gives us beauty, strength, and comfort during difficult times. It can unite us and bring us a vision for a better future. When you subscribe to Union & Utopia, you’ll receive an MP3 of my poems, “Merlin’s Daughter,” “From Tampa to Boca,” and “Last Supper at Mar-a-Lago.”

Your radical voice still matters.

You protested against war, militarism, nuclear weapons, and apartheid. You fought for unions, women’s rights, environmental protection, and gay rights. Consciousness was raised. Social norms shifted. Bills passed. Substantive progress was made.

Enormous moral and political challenges still remain. Hard-won victories are in jeopardy. Your knowledge, opinions, and experience as a seasoned activist matter more than ever.

If you appreciate the power of solidarity (Union) combined with hope for a better future in our lifetime (Utopia), this is the place for you.

If you want to help the next generation of activists transform our country and our world, this is the place for you.

If you believe in the power of fiction and poetry to influence our political reality, this is the place for you.

Union & Utopia is a learning community that engages in mature conversations about how to move forward politically and culturally while remaining creative and resilient in times of adversity. Join us!

3 Poems for Challenging Times

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